As a part of the supergraphics project, we studied the use of color. We did that by creating color arrangements of our belongings, as well as color palettes observing still from movies and pictures.

I was also interested in the psychology of color, and found a really useful website explaining what colors represent in people’s mind, how they can influence their mood, or their opinion about a product for example. There are also some really good references for each color, illustrating everything that was explained before :


Capture d_écran 2018-12-03 à 15.42.36
Still from the 5th Element (1997)
Capture d_écran 2018-12-03 à 15.43.51
Still from Léon (1994)
Capture d_écran 2018-12-03 à 15.44.05
Still from Castle in the sky (1984)


All the stills are more easily understandable when looking at a color wheel :


Color wheel.jpg


For example, we can see that Luc besson paid good attention to the color palette of his movie, and made Leeloo’s hair even more iconic by associating it with blue, which is the complimentary color of orange. (blue and orange is also the most used color duo in Hollywood blockbusters, since it’s the one that emphasizes the look of human skin the best)



I watched this video during the diagnostic stage, as my group was studying movie making, and it stuck with me ever since. It gives a brief but clear explanation of the use of color in movies, (the 10 best of them actually), I learned quite a lot and I still think that the most interesting uses of color is done in movies, (or at least any kind of visual storytelling).


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